The Full App Nana Evaluation

The Full App Nana Evaluation

App Nana is a mobile application that means that you can earn ‘Nanas’ for downloading applications and keeping them open for a certain amount of time. The more apps you download the more money you will make. These "Nanas’ can then be exchanged for present cards.

I haven’t had the best experiences with comparable apps like Money for Apps, as they are typically glitchy and not pay very a lot at all.

However I was nonetheless curious to check this one out.

May it could possibly be completely different from the rest?
appnana hack ios no human verification ( seems to have a fairly large person base. It has over 500,000 scores in the Google Play Store, and has a rating of 4.4 stars.

This score sounded promising. So I made a decision to download the app and provides it a whirl.

So how do you earn ‘Nanas"?
Well basically, you earn points or "Nanas" by downloading other apps.

Once you download an app, you will need to perform the precise job required. This might be to complete as much as level 10 in a game for example.

This is example of the type of tasks that you can be given in AppNana:

How a lot money can you truly make?
What I've found after downloading a couple of of those apps, is that they make you're feeling like you're incomes rather a lot and making nice progress, when really you are making next to nothing to your efforts.

In your efforts of downloading an app and enjoying it to a sure stage you get awarded 967 Nanas!

Sounds pretty cool just for downloading and starting an app but while you do the mathematics is more like a couple of cents for your efforts.

For AppNana, you need a minimum of 30,000 Nanas to money out $1 Amazon reward card.

Let’s say you get on common about 1,000 per app downloaded. That's 30 apps you must download to get $1. That’s earnings of three cents per app downloaded on average.

It’s undoubtedly nothing to get excited about.

I worked out that if I spend two hours a day going hard at downloading apps, I might in all probability be able to download 24 apps (if each app took on common 5 minutes to download and start).

That's 36 cents for 2 hours of work.

If I stored that up for a month, I might qualify for a $10 present card.

Wow – I would end up with not very a lot cash but a phone clogged full of apps.

There is another approach to get more Nanas
If you happen to go on YouTube, there are quite a few movies showing you the latest strategy to ‘hack’ App Nana and get plenty of Nanas for free.

These hackers find loopholes within the app and teach you methods to exploit them. If this is something that floats you boat you might wish to check this avenue out.

There have been a number of websites I discovered that promised bots that spit out ‘cheat codes which offer you unlimited Nanas". Sounded fairly dodgy to me. And once I clicked on one of many sites it gave me a firewall warning. So I don’t suggest you do there. Doesn’t look legit.

For me, it just sounded too dodgy and I was uncertain about whether App Nana would let me cash out if I used to be acquiring Nanas in an illegitimate way.

So if you happen to persist, what can you spend your Nanas on?
Your Nanas may be exchanged for a large range of present cards from PayPal, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and plenty of others. They do have a decent spread of rewards you'll be able to alternate your Nanas for.

However at three cents a download, it will take you a while to earn sufficient points for any present cards.

How are the App Nana person reviews

I used to be intrigued at on the 300,000+ five star ratings of App Nana.

Just what did these people see in this app?

I had a bit of a dig into these Google Play store reviews and observed something quite interesting. The constructive evaluations have been just excessive and nearly too good to be true. I couldn’t perceive how these individuals have been so ‘sold’ on an app that paid them three cents per task.

The curious thing was that these positive opinions usually had promotional codes for AppNana. Maybe these individuals had been the super serious ones who going all out to get just a few more cents that you simply ordinarily would, by selling this app to others.

There are actually a lot better ways to earn cash online which give you more bang on your buck.

Most of the negative reviews nevertheless, have been more in line with how I felt about this app, that it just doesn’t pay out enough to make it price my time.