Red Ring Of Death - Why Self Repair Is An Instant Way To Fix Your Xbox Live

Red Ring Of Death - Why Self Repair Is An Instant Way To Fix Your Xbox Live

When Microsoft designed the Xbox 360, they attempted a innovative method of mounting the temperature sinks on the motherboard. During normal operation, the temperature within the truth is hot. Which in turn causes the motherboard to flex against the x clamps. It is the flexing, which ends up in the soldered joints inside the processors coming away of the motherboard. The fault is indicated from your now infamous 3 red lights!


Once you remove the heating sink you will discover that the GPU and Computer. You need to make sure which keep associated with these free from dust. Simple steps from the how i fix my Xbox 360 regime is most important and is followed. Next you need to dab Best thermal paste compound on the GPU much more easily occuring at any local store. After leaving on for sometime, it is advisable to put back the heat sink because components in the same way you removed them.


Nearly pretty much all the red light errors can really remain traced back to overheating problems, but a person establish a couple Red Light inaccuracy, you are remain one with objective of it's undeniably getting too hot.


The modification detailed in this particular guide, alleviates the flexing of the motherboard and maintains uniform pressure for that processors, this in turn ensures heat sinks are far efficient in dissipating the heat build ascending.


Once all 4 already been attached, we require to systematically tighten each bolt, turn it into reality top right, then bottom left, bottom right and top left behind. This ensures the heat sink is uniformily tightened rather than just one side at a period of time. Repeat on next heat sink.


Sub-reason no 1: During high temperatures, the incorrect lead-free solder tends to becomes brittle and low. Over time, the solder would crack and break, thus reducing it's effectiveness to handle the Graphics Processing Unit(GPU) to the motherboard. This instability disrupts the continuity of the console to operate properly for a whole, thus causing the 3 Red Light Error to appear.


Now you are easy the Xbox 360 fix Turns out to be. You know the involving red light errors, may know what you actually should want to do to system. The key is to take action! Don't let your game time get ruined by a regular fear of freezing!